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Sealing your future with an “I do” requires a lot of logistical planning. Will you move in with your spouse, or will they move into your home? Perhaps you will both pack up and move to a new home where you can build a beautiful life together on neutral ground. You then have to determine whether you’re going to make this transition before or after the wedding and the honeymoon. This is important because it may determine how much time you have to prepare for moving day. Even if you plan to move after returning from your honeymoon, you should start planning and preparing before your wedding day. This prevents you from returning to a stressful situation after enjoying some of the most romantic and relaxing days of your life.

While movers can handle the loading, transporting and unloading of all your belongings, this guide will help you prepare for other aspects of transitioning into a new home together. These suggestions can help turn your moving day into a celebration worth remembering.

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